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Welcome to our association’s website!

The purpose of the Luxembourg Association of Osteopaths [ALDO] is to develop and protect osteopaths’ professional interests.

ALDO works to ensure osteopaths are well represented and their profession respected.

ALDO’s statutes were published in the Ministerial Order (2003), and the association is recognised as the representative body of osteopathy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In accessing this webpage, you have displayed an interest in osteopathy. ALDO’s osteopaths thank you for your interest and wish to provide you with further information on this little-known discipline.


All our members are recognised by the government.

To be a member of the ALDO, you must meet the following requirements:

  • have a master's degree in osteopathy
  • practice exclusively osteopathy,
  • have a professional address in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual medical discipline (both diagnostic and therapeutic) which treats the body as a whole, the individual in his entirety, and searches for tissue damage - whether joint, muscular, ligament or visceral.

One of its distinctive characteristics is that it essentially seeks to achieve the preservation or (relative) optimisation of vital bodily functions (by activating the body’s self-healing ability or strengthening its auto-regulation). Whereas, for example, allopathic medicine is firmly geared to the struggle against disease and its symptoms by external means (medication, surgery, etc.).

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Osteopathy can be defined as the improved status of customary biomechanical connections of any given individual. These connections are considered essential factors in the emergence, maintenance and restoration of one’s state of health.

For whom, for what?

The osteopath’s field of practice extends to all circumstances associated to tissular restrictions or the loss of mobility. It excludes all infectious, inflammatory, tumourous and traumatic pathologies.

Osteopathy may be recommended for a vast number of afflictions – here is a non exhaustive list :

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Ostopath D.O. ?

Osteopath D.O. (Diplômé en Ostéopathie) means a graduate of osteopathy. Training in osteopathy consists of more than 1,500 hours of courses over 5 years followed by a thesis.

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