How much does it cost

Currently, you don’t have to visit your doctor before consulting an osteopath D.O. An osteopath has the necessary practical skills to establish whether the person he is consulting and his purpose for consultation fall within his field of expertise or not.

As the profession in not regulated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the tariff varies between EUR 50 and EUR 100.Traditionally, about 2 to 6 consultations are necessary, but this ultimately depends on the severity of the problem.

Reimbursement ?

The CNS, the public health insurance in Luxembourg, does not reimburse osteopathy, as it is not officially recognised in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (in contrast to other European countries).

However, there are an increasing number of complementary private health insurers who offer substantial reimbursement for sessions carried out by an osteopath D.O., member of ALDO.

Check with your insurance company or your osteopath D.O., or get in touch with the ALDO secretariat :

Secretariat: preferably contacted by email