What is an osteopath D.O.

Osteopath D.O. (Diplômé en Ostéopathie) means a graduate of osteopathy. Training in osteopathy consists of more than 1,500 hours of courses over 5 years followed by a thesis.

Before studying osteopathy, candidates must have a degree in a medical or paramedical field (with a minimum of 4 years of higher education, such as physiotherapy). Up until recently, this was the only way to gain access to the profession of osteopathy in continental Europe.

England was the first European country where full-time training was available. Moreover, the profession of osteopathy was officially recognised in 1993.
Since then, full-time training (available following the baccalaureate or a secondary-school diploma) has become available in France, Belgium (ULB –Masters in 6 years), in Germany (5 years), Italy, etc. Doctors of osteopathy D.O. study at the same colleges as physiotherapists as well as at certain universities (such as those in France).

This title (osteopath D.O.), protected by legal deposit, constitutes the best way possible for patients to determine the actual level of qualification of the therapist they are consulting.
Furthermore, osteopaths D.O., who are members of ALDO, fully respect its professional code of ethics. They are covered against civil liability claims, therapeutic indemnity and legal prosecution by a collective insurance.

These different conditions provide a guarantee for the public, ensure proper practice and allow osteopaths D.O., members of ALDO, to offer safe and high-quality health care to their patients.

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