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Welcome to our association’s website!

The purpose of the Luxembourg Association of Osteopaths [ALDO] is to develop and protect osteopaths’ professional interests. ALDO works to ensure osteopaths are well represented and their profession respected.

ALDO’s statutes were published in the Ministerial Order (2003), and the association is recognised as the representative body of osteopathy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In accessing this webpage, you have displayed an interest in osteopathy. ALDO’s osteopaths thank you for your interest and wish to provide you with further information on this little-known discipline.

  • As highly responsible professionals, we wish to provide you with further information attesting to the first-class training we have undertaken in order to offer you the best possible treatment.
  • Osteopathy

    Osteopathy is a manual medical discipline (both diagnostic and

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  • For whom, for what?

    Osteopathy covers all circumstances associated with tissular restrictions or the loss of mobility.

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  • Osteopath D.O.

    An osteopath D.O. [graduate in osteopathy], is a practitioner with a high level of responsibility.

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